Vietnamese European Knowledge and Technology Transfer Education Consortium (VETEC) is an EU – funded project in Erasmus + Key Action 2 framework for the period of 03 years, coordinated by Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) – Belgium and co-coordinated by Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST) – Vietnam.

The VETEC has 03 partners in EU and 03 partners in Vietnam and 06 associate partners, 01 organization. The VETEC collaboration project is beneficial for both Vietnamese and European partners with the involvement of European partners from different European regions: North West (Belgium), Central  (Germany) and South West (Portugal). Interestingly, project also has a good geographical spread in Vietnam: North (Hanoi), Central (Hue) and South (Can Tho).

Project duration: 03 years, 15/10/2016 – 14/10/2019

The VETEC project aims to   

1) Unlock the Vietnamese knowledge and technology transfer (KTT) potential by creating leadership and strengthening management and educational capacities in the field of KTT in three Vietnamese HEIs.

This aim will be obtained by:  

  • Developing and implementing training for (Future) KTT Leadership   

  • Developing and implementing training for KTT Trainers   

  • Engaging with and strengthening of Vietnamese policy makers’ and university managers’ capacities in  the KTT process;  

  • Creating networks and raising KTT awareness with Vietnamese research community.    

2) Improve international KTT capacities of the participating EU HEIs by:  

  • Training 1 staff member per EU HEI in the field of ‘international KTT’, with a focus on emerging Asian  economies;  ` Developing a European educational/training network on “KTT Leadership (in Asia)”, proof`of`concept to  be obtained within VETEC (Vietnamese trainees)  

3) Strengthen EU Vietnam cooperation on KTT and its approaches in EU and Vietnam.    


Within the VETEC project, the following core activities will take place:  

1) State of art analysis on KTT education and policy at partner Vietnamese and European universities  

2) Development of Training programs on KTT leadership in EU for Vietnamese trainees  

3) Development and organization of two workshops to form Vietnamese trainers in the field of KTT, these workshops will be organized by Vietnamese trained leaders (see 2), in collaboration with national  and international experts  

4) Development of innovative educational materials on KTT, adapted for Vietnam (e.g. handbook, e` course…)  

5) Provision of ad hoc KTT Advice by EU KTT experts during their exchange program  

6) Dissemination activities within the Vietnamese KTT Ecosystem (policy makers, researchers, university management, entrepreneurs…) gaining insights on international KTT and their proprietary KTT infrastructure and processes.  

VETEC target groups

1) University Leadership  

2) Knowledge and Technology Transfer leaders and management at the central university level  

3) Academic leaders and management at the faculty and department level (eg. deans, vice deans, heads of departments, and directors of research council or education committee…)  

4) Other academic personnel or persons who are involved in Knowledge and Technology Transfer  

5) Vietnamese policy makers

And achieved in different levels: 1) institution/university level, 2) local/regional level, 3) national level, 4) European and international level.

This VETEC project would give the HEIs a set of broadly applicable capacities that can be used for course/program development, policy development, innovation activities…