VrijeUniversiteitBrussel (VUB) – Belgium - Coordinator

Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), founded in 1970, provides education to more
than 15.800 students in 8 faculties, offering 27 Bachelor programs, 90 Master and
Advanced Master programs, and over 35 PhD disciplines. It employs 6350 staff
(including the university hospital). With its unique location in the capital of
Europe, it is part of VUB's mission to become an international university.
Therefore, VUB also provides English programs for its nearly foreign students
(21.5% of all students, covering some 128 nationalities). High quality education
and research are central issues. VUB research teams are internationally
recognised in many disciplines of fundamental and applied research.
VUB and its International Relations and Mobility Office have obtained extensive
experience in managing and participating in large international cooperation
projects. VUB has a long history of cooperating with Vietnamese higher education
institutions. VUB is coordinator of several Erasmus Mundus projects between
European and Vietnamese universities and other Asian HEIs.
Internationalization and innovation are core strategies of the university. VUB has
a tradition in innovation and entrepreneurship in a European and global context.
Its research is conducted with a strong motivation to positively impact society and
enabling technology innovation. Through its Knowledge and Technology Transfer
Interface (KTI), the VUB makes knowledge, know-how and research results
available to the industry and society at large. VUB is especially strong in
educational innovations, academic governance and knowledge and technology
transfer. VUB is also the first Belgian university to have a dedicated Vice-Rector
for Innovation and Valorization. VUB and its KTI engage strongly in dialogue with
regional policy makers and ensure that revenues are reinvested in innovation. The
VUB (co-)owns about 100 active patent families and generated 20+ spin-off

Within the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences & Solvay Business School, the
department of Business technology and Operations (BUTO) focuses on applying
innovation strategies and decision support models on several technological areas.
Interdisciplinary research is a must in this domain, which is why the department
collaborates extensively with (internal and external) technology research groups
and stakeholders. The Team Technology & Innovation is part of BUTO. The
research activities of the team are situated on the domain where technology and
innovation management meet, with a special focus on international technology
transfer, academic entrepreneurship and collaborative R&D in high technology

industries such as biotechnology, micro-electronics and photonics. The team is
responsible for several courses on technology entrepreneurship and teaches the
business economics of high-technology industries to business and engineering
students. Additionally, the team organizes workshops on life sciences and
photonics entrepreneurship for academics and professionals.