Hue University (HU)

Since its establishment in 1957, Hue University (HU), one of Vietnamese three regional
universities, has been recognized as a key academic and scientific research hub in
central Vietnam and the region. By training competent people and providing qualified
human resources to the processes of industrialization and modernization in Vietnam,
HU has succeeded in building its position as a prestigious institution in Vietnamese
higher education system.
Currently, HU has 8 member universities (Sciences, Education, Medicine, Agriculture &
Forestry, Economics, Foreign Languages, Arts, and Law) and 2 schools (Tourism, and
Physical Education) under its umbrella. HU also has national research institutes and
HU has approximately 50,000 students, the total number of staff is more than 3,800
people, including more than 250 Professors and Associate Professors, 450 PhDs, 1200
Masters and 1800 Bachelors.
In the domestic academic circle, Hue University is a pioneer in promoting international
academic exchanges. Hue University has signed more than 100 memoranda with
universities from many countries from several European universities, USA, Australia,
Japan, Korea, Taiwan, SEA universities, and China. These memoranda focus on key
points including faculty and students exchange, cooperation, joint education and
research programs, seminars and conferences organization and information exchange.
In terms of research, HU has a broad experience in various fields. HU acknowledges,
however, that research outputs strengthen mainly the capacity of the individual
members involved. Hence, the need to develop systematic knowledge and technology
transfer to society was identified, especially for industrialization and modernization in
rural areas. Consequently, HU research programs and projects started to include
technology transfer and incubation initiatives. In order to strengthen the technology
transfer, HU founded in 2013 its Center for Incubation and Technology Transfer, and
various colleges under HU set up Knowledge and Technology Transfer initiatives.