Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST), co-coordinator

Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST) is a leading public university and the first research
oriented science and technology institution in Vietnam. It counts nearly 30 000 students, including
24,500 undergraduate, 4,500 graduate students, and 2,000 faculty members in 17 schools, 12 research
institutes and centers.
Since 2006, HUST offers four English based Bachelor Programs in Mechatronics,
Material Science, Electrical Engineering and Bio-electronics. In 2015 HUST launched 12 English-based
training programs. These programs facilitate the implementation of exchange programs at HUST and
many foreign students joined the programs. Vice versa, many HUST students spend a part of their
training program oversea. HUST has established strong relations with over 350 universities, institutes
and companies from 35 countries. Cooperation activities are undertaken in various types: student/staff
exchange, joint trainings research programs, seminars, conferences, etc. HUST is an active member of 7
University Networks. In the last 3 years, HUST has participated in several EU-funded academic research
projects, i.e. Erasmus Mundus Action 2 and 3, LOTUS +, AREAS +, Horizon 2020, Erasmus + Key Action 1
and 2.
Scientific research and technology transfer are essential in HUST’s sustainable development and
research – oriented targets. HUST annually develops research projects at different levels and the results
of these projects are published in national and international journals. Several of HUST research results
are transferred to companies for its application development and commercialization, or are used for the
creation of startups or spin-offs. In order to facilitate and promote such activities and to ensure the
technology is smoothly transferred into the market, HUST established in 2009 BK Holding, the first
technology transfer dedicated company within a university in Vietnam.
HUST also develops innovation and intellectual property activities and organizes regularly training
courses on the subject. Furthermore, HUST organizes a scientific research competition for students
encouraging them to initiate new ideas; potential teams are supported for start-up or incubation.
By joining the VETEC, HUST would like to reinforce its international and national collaboration with other
partners. HUST focuses on improving management processes in the field of technology transfer which it
considers a crucial factor for becoming an even more competitive and collaborative university, as well as
for achieving an international level and global excellence. The project also allows enhancing synergy
with other EU-funded projects and its involved actors.