VETEC outputs published

  • 29 Nov 2019 | 15:57


VETEC project started in October 2016 and it will be ended in October 2019, 4 main outputs are published and available for researchers, lecturers and interested students in and Intranet as following outputs: 

03 Intervention Models on KTT

  • Developed by Vietnamese trainees to show their insights gained and capacities developed through training
  • Served as a “Business Plan” or Strategic Document” for KTT development at each Vietnamese HEI

03 Position Papers on International KTT

  • Developed by each partner EU HEIs by summarizing the EU trainee’s findings and conclusions on International KTT (education, policy, management)
  • Served as a “Strategic Document” for International KTT development at each EU HEI.

Handbook on KTT in Vietnam

  • Bundling all information on KTT practices, context, concept relevant to the Vietnamese KTT community.
  • Ensure that knowledge is made explicit and shared and further ensuring the multiplicator effect on KTT that the VETEC project envisions
  • Served for junior KTT officers, master students or other stakeholders interested in KTT

Entrepreneurship and Innovation E-Course

  • Developed by the Vietnamese trainees to further enhance exploitation of the VETEC results
  • Providing an understanding of the nature of enterprise and entrepreneurship, role of the entrepreneur, innovation partner and technology in the entrepreneurial process
  • Relevant to those individuals thinking about starting a business or being interested in commercializing their own innovations or of others