The 4th VETEC SC meeting via skype

  • 26 Oct 2018 | 15:35

After the third Steering Committee meeting took place on May 28th 2018 in Hue, VETEC project organized the fourth SC meeting from all partners by Skype on Tuesday October 23rd, 2018 at 11:00-13:00 (GMT+2). 

The meeting was for Workpakage leaders to update the VETEC consortium on the performed & planning activities.

Two hour meeting had covered the main contents:

1. Update on the current stage of the Project (WP7) – VUB

2. Financial reporting (WP7) – VUB

3. ToT2 Workshop in Can Tho (WP4) – CTU

4. Networking event in Can Tho & Hanoi (WP6) - HUST

5. Training programmes for Vietnamese trainees & leaders in Europe (WP2) - TUD

6. Training programmes for UA trainee in Vietnam (WP3) – HUST

7. Quality evaluation (WP5) - VUB

8. Dissemination plan & activities (WP6) – HUST

9. VETEC Work plan: next steps (WP7) – VUB