External Evaluation – Vietnam visit

  • 12 Aug 2019 | 16:12

After the first external evaluator – Mrs. Elise Konings had visited Vietnamese universities in the framework of VETEC mid-term external evaluation in March 2018, Vietnamese partners welcomed Mr. Patrick Vander Weyden – Focus UP to implement the final evaluation of the Erasmus+ VETEC project in August 2019..

Dr. Patrick Vanders had three visits to 3 Vietnamese partners from the period of 7 August 2019 to 9 August 2019.

During his work in Can Tho, Hue, Hanoi, he had interviewed leaders, trainees in EU, Vietnam and visited some associate partners.  

Below are pictures in working sessions with Can Tho University, Hue University, Hanoi University of Science and Technology.

Mr. Patrick Vander Weyden at Can Tho University

Mr. Patrick Vander Weyden at Hue University

Intervieed with leaders at HUST 

Interview the trainees at HUST

Mr. Patrick Vander Weyden visited Hanoi University of Science and Technology